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The Torch:U.S. is published four times yearly as the official magazine of the National Junior Classical League. Issues are published in fall, winter, spring, and summer. It is entered as third-class material from the Oxford, Ohio, Post Office. The ideas expressed in the Opinion section are the comments of the Torch:U.S. and its staff and should not necessarily be considered the policy of the National Junior Classical League, its officers, or the National Committee. Readers are encouraged to express their opinions on any subject relevant to the classics or JCL in the Voices Section. Your name and address or title must be included with your submission. All names will be published. Submissions may be sent to the editor or the advisor (see addresses to the left).

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Martina Bright. Becki Bush, Sarah Christian, Steve Gentle, Caitlin Johnston, Woojin Lee, Kevin Rutherford, Ryan Vinson, Eric Wang. Dennis Webb

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Caitlin Johnston

Bye Bye Indiana


2017 NJCL Editor

Indiana has said goodbye to many people: Bobby Knight, Michael Jackson, and Lil Sebastian. But perhaps the hardest goodbye of all was to the NJCL. On behalf of the NJCL, I would like to thank the Hoosier JCLers. From the moment a JCLer stepped off the bus to the moment they left, your beautiful state was willing to help with a big smile. Thank you to Indiana University. There are no words to describe how grateful we are to have used your campus. There is not a single JCLer that will not remember your campus as a place where they grew their love for the classics. In addition, we want to thank the Executive Board for its cheerfulness and relentless hard work. Lastly, to the sponsors and chaperones along with the National Committee: without you all we would just be Latin students sitting in our classrooms. You all make it possible for us to follow our passion. Once again, thank you to everyone who participated in the national convention this year and we will see you next year in Alabama!


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Martina Bright. Becki Bush, Sarah Christian, Steve Gentle, Caitlin Johnston, Woojin Lee, Kevin Rutherford, Ryan Vinson, Eric Wang

Steve Gentle

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