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CONVENTION RECAP · Torch:U.S. · Fall 2016


Indiana University, Bloomington, has now been home to five previous NJCL conventions. This year’s, the 63rd NJCL Convention, was held from July 25 to 30. More than 1500 JCLers, SCLers, sponsors, and chaperones drove up Indy 500 style to the campus. Classicists from across the nation joined together to display their skills in academics, arts, and athletics.

The first of the attendees arrived on Sunday, July 24. The pre-convention delegates were given the chance to take a tour of the expansive campus, play some games, and watch the movie Babe; the week’s movies all followed the farm theme. The calm day before the storm of events had come to an end.

The rest of the attendees arrived Monday, July 25, registering for activities and competitions in Forest and their art in Wright Quad. Afterwards, everyone gathered in the beautiful IU auditorium for the first General Assembly. Everyone sang the JCL song with the organ in accompaniment, listened to speeches, watched many awards presented, and took the Olympika Oath given by Kathryn Szymanski, NSCL VP. Following GA, JCLers had the choice of attending Olympika Swimming, a viewing of Charlotte’s Webb, one of the several colloquia, or the second annual Scavenger Hunt. One of the colloquia included the Spirit Orientation led by 2nd Vice President Hanna Seariac, where state representatives received rules for t the campus for QR codes, which directed them to classics related questions. Later that evening, delegates took their first test at Contest Session I, showed their Latin Oratory skill, and dressed up as Odysseus, Calypso, or Scylla & Charybdis for the costume contest. Many recently graduated seniors, or slashers, were invited to join the SCL in their activities during the week, including the NSCL reception. After all the competition, some decided to partake in a Team Trivia & Karaoke, where JCLers could answer trivia questions while also listening and singing to their favorite songs. Others browsed the Agora or showed their moves at the Dance: “Indianapolis Colt Trot – Neigh Neigh Night.” The day had come to a close and hyped up JCLers for the rest of the week.

Tuesday began extremely early, as many had a thirty-minute trek to Billy Hayes Track for Olympika Track and Field. Unfortunately, rain came sometime during the event, and also drenched many on their way to Ludi Chess, English Oratory, and Contest Session II. The Mosaic Marathon also began on Tuesday morning lasting for twelve hours every day until Friday; JCLers stopped by whenever they were free to help create a mural for a new school in Bloomington. More activities followed including Colloquia Session II, where the first session of the service project was held.

JCLers brought bundles of fleece and enthusiastically began to make blankets for Project Linus. Before the first Spirit competition, JCLers could sit and compete in the Essay contest or tour the Eskenazi Museum, the first of many art or jewelry tours offered throughout the week. Finally the first spirit competition began when JCLers entered the auditorium cheering enthusiastically and adorned with their state t-shirts with the theme “Indy 300.” After some awards were recognized, Roll Call skits filled GA II including but not limited to Hamilton allusions, raps, soup, and a “Bernie Sanders” appearance. From GA,

Below: Wednesday Spirit

Photo Credit: Caitlin Johnston

Below: JCLers during Ludi Ultimate Frisbee

Photo Credit: Steve Gentle