Torch:U.S. LXVI Fall 2016 - Page 15

Fall 2016 · Torch:U.S. · CERTAMEN


"Encourages Competion"

"I think one of the main reasons for our success this year was the unexpected amount of support we garnered. During the final, while we were waiting for the moderators to resolve challenges, we saw people across the auditorium shouting Wisconsin cheers, making W signs with their hands, and even doing Hunger Games whistles, to the point where the whistlers had to be asked to stop. All that love was really calming during those tense moments and throughout the round. It helped us focus and play our best up to the last question." -Margot Ambruster WI

Hearing from the certamen champions of 2016, the Wisconsin advanced team: Adam Abuhajir, Margot Ambruster, Ram Gollapudy, and Michael Kearny.

"For me, and for so many others, this was the end -- the last rounds of Certamen we may ever play. And although some termed it "going out in style", that is not what I will remember when thinking about this tournament or, indeed, Certamen in general. I will recall the incredible support we received and the innumerable friendships I have made -- and those last long beyond the final tossup." - Michael Kearney

The winning champs (from left to right) Margot Armbruster, Michael Kearny, Ram Gollapudy, and Adam Abuhajir

Photo: Steven Chen