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Fall 2016 · Torch:U.S. · THAT'S ENTERTAINMENT

Entertainment Tonight

BY Angela Kubicke Editor 2016-17

In a world filled with movie sequels and child rappers, who isn’t craving some good quality talent? I am happy to report that NJCL delivered some quality talent Thursday night at the annual “That’s Entertainment” talent show. There were singers, lip syncers, gymnasts, tappers, and of course The Racketeers. The show opened set as a summer camp registration day led by hosts Elliott Rebello and Natalie O’Dell.

Just like summer camp, the fun started right off with highly competitive races- drag races, that is. After the entertaining races, we heard Daniel Longest (MD) sing a song about rain which reminded us of the deluge that morning. Asa Ruiz (TN) played “Tarantella,” Rachel Gregory (TN) sang and Aditya Srivastava (TN) performed an original song on guitar. Andrew Grimley (TX) transported us to Scotlandby playing his bagpipes, Hibah Hassan sang to us, Rachel Maddalena (TX) prepped us for the olympics by showing off her gymnastic skills, Lauren Arndt (WI) not only sang,but also playing the piano. The Oklahoma Dancers (OK), lip synced to *NSync’s “Pop,” Katherine Barbano (VA) tapped her heart out, and Patrick Andriesen (IL) serenaded us.

Daniel Long (MD) opening the show

Photo: Eric Wang

Perhaps show stealer was the committee member’s skit, a reenactment of America’s Got Talent which featured tasteful rendition of the Ghostbusters theme and the Pokemon song. The real scene stealer was Dennis Webb singing “Who’s Your Daddy?” by Toby Keith. The audience was shocked by the constitutional advisor’s ability to carry a tune. , Mr. Webb then stunned the audience with a dance