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SPONSOR AWARDS · Torch:U.S. · Fall 2016


Sponsor and Chaperone Awards

By: Catherine Sturgill

Photos: Caitlin Johnston

Mr. Ian Hochberg from St. Stephens & St. Agnes in Virginia, Ms. Donna Dollings from James River High School in Virginia, and Ms. Welby Griffin from Wakefield Country Day School in Virginia were recognized as “Summa Cum Laude Junior Classical League Sponsors” at the sponsor’s banquet during the 63rd annual National Convention held at Indiana University in Bloomington, Ind.

This “Master JCL Sponsor” designation is based upon extraordinary service to the JCL on the local, state, and national levels. Teachers who have achieved this distinction have been sponsors of local JCL chapters for 12 or more years. They have performed distinguished service to their respective state JCL chapters through service as state chairs, sponsoring student state officers, and/or hosting state JCL functions. In addition these sponsors have attended at least 10 National JCL conventions where they have presented workshops, sponsored national students officers, and/or chaired a national competition or event.

Over the past 13 years 113 sponsors from the National JCL organization have been so honored.

Also at the banquet, Mr. Steven Lorenz from San Antonio, Texas was recognized as a “Maxima Cum Laude Junior Classical League Chaperone.” In order to receive the Chaperone award, chaperones must have chaperoned students at National Convention for at least four years and must have fully participated in those conventions a judges, proctors, assistants, or door guards. Such individuals are indispensible to the organization; without them, student would not be able to attend convention, and convention itself would not run as efficiently and effectively as it does. There currently are 20 members in this national “hall of fame.”