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High School in Houston. The TSJCL Executive Board is so excited to share this experience with Classics students from all over Texas as we continue planning this convention!

Katherine Salinas, Texas JCL Editor


Salvete Omnes! I'll tell y'all a little bit about what Louisiana has brought to the table so far: after national convention, the other state officers and I have been planning the 2nd most important event of the year, Fall Forum! If y'all don't know what that is, this is how we introduce convention to the new guys as well as the veterans. We set aside a lovely Saturday to invite all the delegations from the great state of Louisiana to participate in activities like Impromptu Art, Gladiator Fights, Tug of War, and Certamen! We packed in so much energy within one afternoon that the newer JCLers' heads were about to explode with enthusiasm! Little do they know that Louisiana's State Convention in March 2016 will be filled with 10x more Olympika, 100x more artistic display, and 1000x more JCL SPIRIT!!!

You can say that Louisiana has TONS of involvement with the classics, but the most important thing to us is keeping that JCLove rollin' with every new class. Valete!

Jacob Summerville, Louisiana JCL Editor


In September 2015, the Indiana Junior


Above: Several Virginia JCLers at Toga Day Kings Dominion


Salvete omnes! The Virginia Junior Classical League has been very busy since NJCL Convention. We have particularly focused on spirit and service, spreading the Friendly Hand of JCL in a number of events. Two of these particularly stand out. In September, the VJCL hosted the second annual Toga Day at Kings Dominion. Thirteen dedicated VJCLers descended on the theme park, drawing startled stares from passers-by. Evidently unaccustomed to such attire, the security guards at the entrance forced us to hike up our togae and prove that we were indeed wearing pants. Thankfully, everyone managed to pass this test. We proceeded into the park itself, where we rapidly came to the conclusion that awkwardly draped bedsheets and roller coasters do not mix. However, the day was not all fun and games. Each VJCLer brought with them a bag of gently used clothing, which was then donated to charity. Overall, it was a very good day.

The other major event hosted by the VJCL in the past couple of months occurred at the VJCL Kickoff Certamen. We held a candy drive, in which each school brought several bags of delicious treats. The proceeds were donated to the Mattie Miracle Cancer Foundation. This worthy cause was established to memorialize Mattie Brown, a student at the Saint Stephens Saint Agnes School (one of the cornerstones of the VJCL) who lost his battle with osteosarcoma, a type of bone cancer. The foundation used the candy to provide a Halloween celebration for children at the MedStar Georgetown University Hospital. This was possibly one of the most worthwhile events ever conducted by the Virginia Junior Classical League.


Ryan Klopp, Virginia JCL Editor


The TSJCL’s JCL spirit is definitely burning bright deep in the heart of Texas this year! Certamen tournaments have already been held across the state, including the Crusader Classic in Austin and the Clark Tournament in San Antonio. December will bring a new batch of these competitions as TSJCLers gear up for our Area and State conventions.

Our Area Chairs are hard at work planning Texas’s five local conventions, which will be held in Houston, Dallas, Austin, Amarillo, and San Antonio in February. Each of these area conventions is a final push for students to get pumped about the JCL before our state convention in March. This year, state convention will be held at Atascocita High School in Houston. The TSJCL Executive Board is so excited to share this experience with Classics students from all over Texas as we continue planning this convention!

Katherine Salinas, Texas JCL Editor

Classical League held its second annual Leadership Development Academy at Carmel High School in Carmel, Ind. The day consisted of workshops with the state officers, chapter goal-setting, and sponsor colloquia. The Indiana JCL is looking ahead to its 38th annual Fall Latin Day in November, Indiana Latin Week in January, and statewide Certamen invitationals later this winter.

Mary Piper, Indiana JCL Editor