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On October 31, Kentucky held its annual Fall Forum at Henry Clay High School in Lexington, KY. About 60 people were in attendance for the four colloquia, an optional service colloquia, and an informal General Assembly.

Our colloquia were Active Latin, which was a discussion that takes place entirely in Latin; Ancient Technology, which was a lecture on ancient Greek and Roman technology, such as the aeolipile; Certamen, and Ludi. In addition, we held a service colloquium painting pumpkins and making cards for Shriners Hospital, a local children's hospital. Despite so many other great colloquia happening at the same time, it was a huge success, and one group even sang the JCL Song during the colloquium!

During our General Assembly our new 1st VP, Isabel Eliassen, and Torch Editor, Micah Gray, were sworn in. Afterwards, we had an informal Q&A between the officers and the delegates, a costume contest, and finally a spirit contest between the two groups of delegates, who had to come up with an original cheer. To help pump up the delegates, the officers came up with their own cheer, which they performed before the delegates. Despite Group 1's creative cheer, Group 2's enormous enthusiasm made them the clear winner.

In conclusion, our Fall Forum 2015 was a great success. Thanks to everyone who came outto our event!

Micah Gray, Kentucky JCL Editor

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Above: The Kentucky JCL officers perform a cheer they created