Torch:U.S. LXV Summer 2016 - Page 8


Summer 2016 ∙ Torch: U.S.feature

Taste of the Past

If you were living in the classical world of Ancient Greece and Rome, what would be your diet consist of? Forget the allure of pizzas, leave behind the sweet memory of your favorite chocolates, and definitely drop that donut; here come the barley bread, garum, and dormice!

Breakfast: For the early morning meal, grab some salted bread and wine. It’s similar to the modern breakfast meal of a bowl of cereal with milk. Feel like it doesn’t quench your hunger? Grab some fruits, like figs or olives. Or try some tagenias, Ancient Greek pancakes.

Lunch: Lunch is a quick meal for quelling the hunger until evening for dinner. Have a second breakfast. If the Ancient Greeks needed an extra meal after lunch to hold them over until dinner, they had a lunch-dinner, or Ἀριστόδειπνον.

Above Left: The left half s a carbonised loaf of Ancient Roman bread from Pompeii. The right half is a pepperoni pizza.

Above Right: Apicius