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The WJCL has had a busy few months. In April, we celebrated National Classics Week with a Birthday Party for Rome, where JCLers from across the state convened to play soccer, eat cake, and enjoy each other’s company. Local chapters also joined the NCW festivities with toga days, classical trivia, cake-baking contests, and other activities.

Additionally, Brookfield Academy and Marquette High School teams traveled to the Harvard and University of Chicago Certamen invitationals. One-man team Michael Kearney won the advanced MVP award at both tournaments, and the other teams also had strong showings. As a result, we look forward to summer Certamen practices, which, along with Ludi practices, will begin soon. Wisconsin JCLers have lots of planning and studying to do, but we eagerly anticipate nationals.

Margot Armbruster, Wisconsin JCL Editor


Salvete omnes! Since our last update, the VJCL has been working hard to ensure the continued success of Virginia Latin. We have focused our efforts in two areas: serving our local communities and increasing student participation in the VJCL. Our work in the former has been coordinated primarily by 2nd Vice President Lucas Dumez (whom some of you may know from his aquatic exploits at NJCL Convention) and Secretary Alyssa Funai. The two of them put in more labor than a pair of galley slaves to ensure that canned-food and toy drives would occur at various VJCL Certamina this season, and we are proud to announce that virtually every Certamen-playing school pitched in to support our local charities.

In order to accomplish our goals of improving the number of students active in the VJCL, we have implemented several innovative ideas. At the most recent Council meeting in April, Riverbend High School generously hosted a Ludamus day. At this wild and crazy event, dozens of students came to participate in athletic competitions, board games (including Risk, at which the Editor single-handedly fought a team of six adversaries to a draw), musical contests, and an impromptu duel involving pool noodles between the current VJCL President and his predecessor. Turnout was very impressive, and we plan to hold more such events in the future. In addition, we have begun to live-Tweet our Board meetings, receiving an enthusiastic response from the VJCL community. In September, we plan to again host “Toga Day” at Kings Dominion. At this event, we will hold a Board meeting at the park before dispersing to enjoy the attractions. This is always a favorite among the VJCL community, and attendance has increased exponentially each time we have held it.

The VJCL is extremely excited for NJCL Convention this summer. The 2016 Virginia Certamen teams are set and ready to compete, while we have, after approximately 5 million hours of debate, settled on our spirit cheers and props. We look forward to again sending a large delegation of VJCLers to brighten your lives by endlessly performing the VA Beat at all hours of the night . See you in Bloomington!

Ryan Klopp, Virginia JCL Editor


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Right: Michael Kearney receives the advanced MVP award from David Jaffe at the UChicago Certamen invitational.