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A Year Ago, Now Today

Salvete v'omnes!

This is one of the last few times when I will be able to reach all of you with that cliche'd greeting; National Convention is so very nearly here and I can't express how excited I am. I remember visiting Indiana a couple months after last summer's convention so clearly. Back then, everything seemed so abstract. We were planning for an event that was nearly a year away, looking at rooms and lawns where supposedly over a thousand people would soon be reunited with each other and with the spirit of the classics. Now that convention is only a matter of weeks rather than months away, the idea of convention is much more real in my mind. Something that I'm most excited - and also a little sad about - is that we've now seen the conclusion of the website contest. My biggest timesink since a year ago, it's been an absolute blast to see what you are all capable of. NJCLers' creativity and ingenuity often made me think to myself "there should really be a category for that..." or "there aren't enough points in this category for this." I definitely suggest that you all go out and look at what your peers have built up over the past months and years.

There is no doubt in my mind that convention will be a life-changing experience for so many people. My life's been changed by it before, but there's always room for more.

Maximas gratias,

Jon Nozik

NJCL Communications Coordinator

Summer of Wonder

Salvete Omnes,

This past month, I had an amazing opportunity to visit numerous museums across England, a land once inhabited by Romans. Seeing statues of Augustus and Athena, wondrously old and beautifully painted pots, and an assorted multitude of ancient Greek and Roman artifacts has reminded me why I love the study of classic languages and cultures. JCL provides the prefect environment and community for fostering the love of "dead" languages, and I have been so grateful to have served as an national officer this year.

Nevertheless, as my time as parliamentarian comes to an end, I am excited to help with the election of next year's officers. I have been in communication with numerous JCL'ers across the country who expressed interest in running for positions on the National Board. Many wonderful students have officially pre-filed and are eagerly awaiting the opportunity to campaign. It can be great fun to support a candidate, and helpful to one's state to learn about each person. So, be sure to listen to and talk with these candidates at convention!

Though the deadline to pre-file to run for office this year has passed, I encourage younger JCL'ers, who may consider running for a national position in future years, to become familiar with the qualifications and process! The NJCL Chapter Handbook and the Campaign Corner would be the best places to start researching.

I hope that you all have wonderful summers and that I will see many of you at convention!

E Corde,

Amanda Hansen

NJCL Parliamentarian

On the Horizon

As school ends, graduation ceremonies commence, the sun begins to shine, and JCLers begin to prepare for National Convention. Naturally, this doesn’t exclude your NJCL officers! We’ve been hard at work, preparing and planning for our greatest convention yet! And now that school is out, convention is just on the horizon. Of course, this also means that my term as your NJCL Historian is coming to a close.

I’ve had a marvelous time serving you, working to fulfill my promises and bring you the first ever NJCL Commercial, a new method for scrapbook submissions, and more social media outreach. But never fear! My last gift to you, the 2015-2016 NJCL Scrapbook, will be here before you can say “Bloomington, Indiana”!

Speaking of Bloomington, it’s never too early to start preparing yourselves for convention! Make sure your State T-Shirts are runway-ready, pack your cameras (with extra SD cards), and get ready for the time of your lives! And as always, stay classy, my friends.

Perpetuo et semper,

Hannah Barrett

NJCL Historian

Involve Yourself

Salvete omnes! Thank you to all the editors who have submitted their publications for the NJCL Publications Contest. It's great to see everyone's creativity levels. Another thank you to all the editors who have submitted state updates throughout the year. I encourage everyone, editor or not, to find ways to become more involved with the JCL by submitting to the Torch:US. As always, when we all work together, we can create something victorious.

Being involved is more fun than not, so I hope you also involve yourself in the events at nationals! Whether you are one of the athletes, or cheer on from the sidelines, there's something for you to do, every hour! Make sure you stay healthy, and I hope to see you all soon!


Woojin Lee

NJCL Editor

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