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seeing all your wonderful entries!

Remember also that National Convention offers the

erfect opportunity to converse with other students from

across the country about how to improve membership and

publicity! I know for a fact that some states have come up

with incredible ideas over the past year and are all too eager

to share at Nats! Try to step out of your shell and introduce

yourself to people and states you might not otherwise talk

to—you never know what great ideas they might have.

I hope you all are having a fantastic summer and I cannot

wait to see you all at convention!

Cura ut valeas,

Michael Kearney

NJCL First Vice President

Enjoy Convention

Salvete NJCL! NJCL Convention is basically knocking our

door down, and I'm bursting with excitement. Though it is

my last convention as a JCLer (I'll be back in later years), I am

confident that this convention will be one for the record

books. This last season of service and spirit shown by you

and your communities has built up much anticipation for

what is going to happen at NJCL. You all have exceeded all

expectations in not only execution of your service projects,

but the heart and soul that you put into them. During and

after state convention season, I had the privilege of seeing

your many photographs and post convention posts. What

struck me the most is the immense sense of humility and

gratitude that you all exuded this year. I am confident that

with this positive energy, we can continue making a

difference in our communities, especially at NJCL


Speaking of NJCL Convention, I wanted to share a little

advice. Put down the source books and the buzzers you

inevitably have for practice, don't walk around with your

phone attached to your forehead, don't sprint from event to

event only staring at the ground, and don't worry about

making it to every event. I remember at my first national

convention, I felt compelled to do EVERYTHING. I sprinted

around campus, my short legs transporting me from tests to

creative arts contests to dances and back again, but one

thing was missing: making friends. At later conventions, I

found myself occasionally skipping contests to talk to a new

person I met and I found myself not looking at my phone or

study materials all week, I found myself enjoying convention.

This convention, don't just attend convention, enjoy

convention. Meet a new friend and if you're don't think you

can, you've already got one and it's me. I can't wait to see

you all at convention.

Keep it PG (Purple and Gold),

Hanna Seariac

NJCL Second Vice President

Together as One

Salvete Omnes! I hope every JCLer has had just as great a

year as I have had. Thank you all for allowing me this

amazing opportunity to serve as President this year, it was

truly one of the most rewarding experiences I have had with

the JCL.

The major project I have taken on this year is the Mosaic

Marathon that will be happening during convention,

Tuesday to Friday. This project welcomes every JCLer to learn

the art of Mosaics by participating in a mural of modern day

Pompeii. This mosaic represents this year's National

Convention and will be displayed in Bloomington. No

experience with art or mosaics is necessary, and everyone is

encouraged to stop by the outdoor Mosaic Marathon!

I've also presided over both the Fall and Spring Planning

meetings and have written the agendas for both. I have also

organized a total of seven Google Hangout Sessions for the

student board to discuss ideas and aid each other with our

endeavors. This has helped immensely due to the distance

between all of the officers. Even so, we have made all of our

meetings into successful conversations.

I would like to thank my mentors as they have helped me

so much with all of my ideas and have aided in making

everything happen, especially this winter when I suffered a

very serious head injury that I am still recovering from. These

mentors have made my recovery process much less stressful

for me, and I am so very thankful.

This year may be coming to a close, but the ambitions

of this board are not fading in any way. This year has been

full of success for our board, and I couldn't be more

appreciative of all the work we have accomplished together.

Ex Animo,

Brier Clough

NJCL President

End of the Odyssey

I cannot begin to thank all of you enough for an

incredible National Classics Week! Waking up each day to a

remarkable array of posts and outreach truly warmed my

heart. I hope you enjoyed all aspects of it—especially the lip-

sync that the NJCL Officers put together for the second year

in a row! However, even though the odyssey may be over, I’d

still love to hear from you regarding this year’s National

Classics Week. Was there anything you particularly enjoyed

or thought could have been better? Please email me at with that that or any other feedback!

Also, as we approach convention, make sure to submit to

the promotional video contest and membership contest (as

well as all the other great contests which the NJCL offers)—I

hope to keep up the momentum that we gained from last

year! Again, make sure to email or message me with

submissions or if you have any question. I look forward to