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Junior Classical League Directory

NJCL Officers 2015–2016

President Brier Anne Clough

First Vice President Michael Kearney

Second Vice President Hanna Seariac

Communications Coordinator Jon Nozik

Parliamentarian Amanda Hansen

Historian Hannah Barrett

Editor Woojin Lee

NSCL Officers 2015-2016

President Trace Turner

Vice President Kathryn Szymanski

Secretary Maddie Briner

Treasurer Jon Gumz

Parliamentarian Bob McDonald

Editor Jack Godar

Historian Sarah Christian

National Committee 2015-2016

Chair, Contests, Creative Arts Amy Elifrits

Vice Chair, Contests, Graphic Arts Melissa Burgess

Secretary, Communications Dobbie Vasquez

Contests, Olympika/SCL Tony Martin

Contests, Digital Tom Reed

Public Relations/Membership Catherine Sturgill

Contests, Certamen William Lee

Convention Advisor Sue Robertson

Programs/Scholastic Services Sherry Jankowski

Constitutional Advisor Dennis Webb

Contests, Academics David Jackson

Publications Caitlin Johnston

Administrator/Ex-Officio Sherwin Little

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Summer 2016 · Torch: U.S.

Bon Appetit!

From the first hunter-gatherers to the agricultural revolution, human civilizations have been defined by the food they eat. Today, cuisine overcomes barriers; a similar version of the food on the other side of the globe can be eaten at the restaurant right down the street. However, before we reached the cooking inventions of modern day, the classical world had their own food choices.

Some people eat to live, some people live to eat. Whichever you are, make sure you check out what the Romans and Ancient Greeks were dining on, and perhaps try a day where you eat like the ancients. Check out the article on page 8!

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Bene Factum!

The National Latin Exam is a 40 question test ranging over a variety of topics. Out of all students who take the exam, inside and outside the United States, there are students who accomplish an amazing feat of receiving a perfect score. We recognize these students on page 10.