Torch:U.S. LXV Spring 2016 - Page 9


CONVENITON PREVIEW ∙ Torch: U.S. ∙ Spring 2016

Indiana University

The Bloomington campus of Indiana University is one of eight throughout the state, and it is the flagship and largest. The athletic team is known as the “Hoosiers,” but the term is also used to reference the people of the state of Indiana. There are a wide variety of facilities to find on the campus, from an arena for bowling to a great auditorium. You will be given a chance to explore the campus during the scavenger hunt planned by your officers.


A college campus during the summer may be quiet, but when JCLers appear, spirit will fill the campus with liveliness. States will reflect the spirit themes already announced by Hanna Seariac, NJCL Second Vice President, through their costumes and cheers. They will be judged by their enthusiasm, creativity, unity, adherence to themes, and overall effect. Cheer with all your might and your state might win a special prize!


Certamen is the quiz bowl for JCL. The topics of questions can range from language to history to mythology. Certamen is divided into different levels: Novice for Latin 1/2 - 1, Intermediate for Latin 2, and Advance for Latin 3+ students. Students are able to compete in Competitive Certamen or Open Certamen for friendly competition. There is also the World Series of Certamen, which can be entertaining to watch and to play, for teachers and SCLers.

Above Left: Showalter Fountain in front of the Indiana University Auditorium

Above Right: Spirit will be held in the Indiana University Auditorium where jumping is allowed!

Below Left: An example of a classroom which Certamen would be held in

Above Right: An example of a dorm room