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STATE UPDATES · Torch: U.S. · Spring 2016


The Ohio JCL has been working very hard lately. The OJCL held its regional Make a Difference Days (MADDs). The Northern MADD was held at the Cleveland City Mission, the Central MADD was held at the Nationwide Children’s Hospital Pumpkinpalooza, and the Southern MADD was held at the California Woods Nature Preserve. The OJCL also sponsored an SAT/ACT/IB Test Prep Book Drive at its local chapters, which raised 71 books that were given to numerous charities. Other service events included helping with a coat drive at St. Vincent de Paul, decorating quilt squares for Project Linus, and a gift wrap for St. Augustine’s church. Ohio just released the Winter Edition of The OJCL Torch, and held numerous Certamina across the state. All of these contributed to Ohio winning the NJCL State of the Season. Lastly, Ohio just held its State Convention at the DoubleTree Hotel in Columbus. The nearly 500-delegate convention was action-packed with arts, certamen, service, and spirit. The service included Coin Wars, Project Linus, and Syrian Refugee Card-Making. Ohio will surely have a busy spring as it transitions to a new Executive Board.

Joshua Young, Ohio JCL Editor


The WJCL has been working hard this winter. 500 students from across the state traveled to Madison in January for state convention, where they competed in Certamen, spirit, testing, graphic arts, essay competitions, and oratory, in addition to electing the nine members of their new WJCL board. Most importantly, outgoing President Myles Roeske was pied in spectacular fashion by incoming President Ansley Laev.

On February 20, Brookfield Academy hosted its inaugural novice Certamen tournament. The nine competing teams hailed from schools throughout Wisconsin and even Illinois. The tournament’s goal was to introduce middle school students and high school freshmen to Certamen and, as a result, improve the state program. One of BA’s middle school teams ultimately took home the crown, but everyone enjoyed the afternoon. Brookfield Academy plans to host a similar tournament next year.

Looking forward, the new WJCL board is hard at work planning the rest of the year, which will include the second annual Midseason Certamen tournament in April, festivities for National Classics Week, and new fundraisers and service projects.

Margot Armbruster, Wisconsin JCL Editor


On January 31, the GJCL Executive Board held the first State Convention Planning meeting at Archer High School. After reuniting for the first time since Fall Forum, the officers began organizing the various components of each event at State Convention. Foremost, the board outlined the new responsibilities of the 1st and 2nd Vice President positions and selected the Valedictio and Salutatio speakers. Planned evening entertainment will include Formal Friday and Semiformal Saturday dances, fun team trivia, and Inside Out at movie night. As part of the annual community service project, delegates will decorate cards for the Children’s Hospital of Atlanta and the officers will host a coin war competition, culminating in a prank on the losing officer at closing ceremonies. Furthermore, to encourage schools to participate in the Photo of the Month competition and submit to the Alae Mercurii, schools will receive spirit contest points and trophies as recognition for their overall involvement in the GJCL. Lastly, to hype up delegates for Nationals, the GJCL will show the promotional video for Indiana University at the closing ceremonies. With a myriad of engaging workshops and competitions lined up, the GJCL hopes to make the 2016 State Convention an unforgettable and wonderful experience for all delegates.

Grace Xu, Georgia JCL Editor

Above: The NJCL officers lip syncing to MKTO's song, Classic, to promote National Classics Week