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A Site to Behold

Salvete! It's been incredible this year to see the creativity and talent of JCLers in sharing, publicizing, and creating websites on which all the special and unique aspects of the JCL are proudly displayed. The JCLers requested an updated website contest which I was happy to create; in response, the JCL astounded me with the level and depth of its talent and involvement. This year has been the most active of many recent years with around twice the number of submissions as there have been previously. Not only impressive is the volume of submissions, but the quality: the works created by JClers resemble professional products. As I view them, it almost feels as though JCLers have taken up the spirit of Vitruvius, Roman architect and engineer, who once said that craftsmanship depends on order, arrangement, eurythmy, symmetry, propriety, and economy. The Roman values of great art and craftsmanship comes through in these creations and it is truly wonderful to see.

After seeing these examples of superb websites created by JCLers, I'm working on incorporating a portfolio of some of them into a comprehensive guide on creating and maintaining chapter websites as this is one of the very common requests I have heard from JCLers wondering how to go about creating such sites as webmasters. I hope that by including examples of the stellar work that ordinary JCLers are capable of producing this will be even more encouraging for current and future JCLers to take up this very rewarding responsibility!

Maximas gratias,

Jon Nozik

2015 - 2016 NJCL Communications Coordinator

Time to Run for Office

I hope you all have had fantastic starts to 2016 so far. At Fall Planning Meeting, several amendments to the Chapter Handbook passed and those to the Bylaws moved on to the next step of the process.

Many of you have seen this year’s Campaign Corner, which is a publication intended to inform individuals interested in running for office, now or in the future, of the election process. I urge you all to consider becoming a candidate because even if one does not win, running for national office can be a rewarding experience. I have heard from several potential candidates but would love to hear from more.

If you have even an inkling of interest in running for national office, please do not hesitate to contact me at! It has been a privilege to be serving as your 2015-2016 National Parliamentarian, and I am excited to continue this year contacting JCL’ers from across the country!

E Corde,

Amanda Hansen

2015-2016 NJCL Parliamentarian

I'll Be Gobsmacked!

Salvete! It’s your historian again, back to remind you all about the importance of submitting to the NJCL Scrapbook.

This year’s convention theme is ubi concordia, ibi victoria. "Where there is unity, there is victory." That being said, in order to create the most victorious scrapbook on the planet, we need a lil’ bit of unity. My goal is to represent each and every JCL State Chapter in the Scrapbook through some form of video or photography! Please, help me make this possible by encouraging your club historians, state historians, and even the lowkey-photographers in your JCL Chapters to submit photos and media to the NJCL Scrapbook. Methods of submission include:

- emailing me files (though this isn’t the greatest method)

- submitting files to the NJCL Historian Flickr account, using your state-specific folder

- sending me photo prints by carrier pigeon (if actually someone does this, I’ll be gobsmacked)

And remember! You can submit photos and media to the Flickr account at ANY time! Feel free to submit photos whenever it is convenient for you. The submission periods just serve as a reminder to all you busy JCLers out there! Deadlines are completely flexible up until June 1st, upon which I would like to have received any and all submissions. And to all the state and local Historians out there, you are awarded bonus points on your scrapbook score when you submit photos to the NJCL Scrapbook! So what are you waiting for?

Perpetuo et Semper,

Hannah Barrett

2015 - 2016 NJCL Historian

Remember to Write

Salvete omnes! I hope you all continued to have many events this semester. From convention to National Classics Week, there are endless opportunities for the JCL to be active. That means that there are many opportunities to write about these events as well! Write about it in your publications, local and state. Notify your delegates of the activities going on, and encourage them to participate. A publication is useful in spreading this knowledge to everyone.

If you are not an editor of JCL, I still promote contributing to the publication. It is a great way to be active in the JCL.

Now that I have reminded you to write for your publication, I urge you to enter your publication to the publications contest! The submission deadline is June 1. Please send your publications to me at and the publications chair at If you have any questions about the contest, feel free to email me! I want to thank everyone who has already submitted!


Woojin Lee

2015 - 2016 NJCL Editor

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