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Presidential Excitement

Salvete! Since the last edition of the Torch:U.S., I have been primarily working on a new idea: a monthly update to all state presidents for whom I have emails. If you are a state president and did not receive April's update, please send me an email at It is my goal to reach as many state presidents as possible to strengthen our lines of communication! I am also working on an extremely tentative mosaic marathon service project for National convention, which is super exciting!

Other than that, I enjoyed a successful Spring Planning Meeting with my officers and have bleen planning for national convention. The officers participate in meetings via Google Hangouts regularly. Some of the big discussion topics between the officers include how to mix things up at the scavenger hunt and state officers’ dinner at NJCL Convention this summer! Get excited!

Ex Animo,

Brier Clough

NJCL President

Time Flies

Tempus fugit, as is so often said. It seems just yesterday that we were bidding farewell to San Antonio and Trinity—and now conventions are coming thick and fast. If you have already finished up your regional and/or state conventions, take heart—nationals is fast approaching! If yours are still approaching, then you have double the fun to look forward to!

Beyond conventions, the NJCL has some exciting opportunities this year. National Classics Week was a great success. This year’s theme, in case you have forgotten, is The Odyssey. Let us know what you liked and didn't like about this year's NCW. We are constantly looking for ways to implorve it. I would also love to hear from all First VPs (and anyone else who wants to do so) who submitted their proclamation requests.

Make sure also to submit to the promotional video contest! Due to last year’s success (we received a record number of submissions), there are no changes, but don’t take that as a reason not to submit. The deadline may be a long way off (July 15), but that just gives you more time to plan. Last year’s winning entry for the category of “Promotion of NJCL Convention” can be found here:

Last, but certainly not least, make sure to submit to the Membership Contest! Although most of the categories are judged automatically (e.g. “net growth of chapters”), there are still two to which you can submit. These, also due July 15, are “Best Use of Social Media” and “Best Statewide Membership,” and are intended to serve as an alternative to the Publicity Contest for State JCL Chapters. Full details are on the website!

I wish you all luck at your upcoming events and hope you join us in Bloomington this July!

Cura ut valeas,

Michael Kearney

NJCL First Vice President

Surprises in Store

Salvete, Spirited JCLers,

I hope you all are enjoying this winter and getting excited for national convention at Indiana University. For the past couple of months, I have created Club of the Month packets and judged the contest, began working on the Guide to Nationals, set up a sharing space for states (found at, compiled the NJCL Contest Handbook (a guide to all contests within JCL complete with samples, videos, and rules), communicated with local and state JCL Vice Presidents, and finally worked with Michael (your 1st VP) on National Classics Week. The theme for this year's National Classics Week was The Odyssey. The Odyssey follows Odysseus's journey home to Ithaca and all events that transpire on that journey. In many ways, we are all on a journey or an odyssey. We are journeying back home to national convention. We hope you all included National Classics Week as one of the events that transpired before returning home to national convention.

Between now and national convention, I have a few surprises planned to close out my term. For now, I want you all to focus on preparing for national convention. While you toil over art projects and sacrifice to the Olympians so that you high score academic tests, I encourage you to submit to the community service contests as we approach the July 1 deadline (individual, chapter, and state levels). The forms will be at and on the NJCL website. As we approach national convention, not only do I want you to submit to the community service contests, but I want you to get amped up for spirit. Spirit is more than a competition, it is an attitude that defines our convention experience. Someday medals and ribbons will be lost in a box forever, but what we will have in our hearts forever is the spirit that we had at convention that inspired us to branch out, make friends, and be a little crazy. Let's make our spirits soar higher than ever at this convention in Indiana. I can't wait to see you all impress me with your service and spirit in the coming months.

Keep it PG (Purple and Gold),

Hanna Seariac

NJCL Second Vice President

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