Torch:U.S. LXV Spring 2016 - Page 10


Spring 2016 ∙ Torch: U.S. ∙ CONVENTION PREVIEW

Olympika and Ludi

JCLers can stretch their legs for Olympika and Ludi. Getting up early in the morning for a run or racing in the pool, students can exercise their competitive side during Olympika. Students can also practice their teamwork by participating in Ludi sport events. If participating in the activitiy does not suit your fancy, cheer from the sidelines! The sportsmanship for your state or other states truly shows the JCL camaraderie.

Academic Tests

JCLers are students, and what students do best is take tests. There are a wide variety of tests spread out throughout the week. Students can take the challenge of taking as many tests as they want. Test your strengths, or take the tests for fun. You might surprise yourself, knowing more than you thought you knew.

Graphic Arts

Each year, there are many entries of sculputres, drawings, painting, etc. The amount of sweat and blood put into each project is immense, as some delegates create many submissions during their free time in the summer. The competition is fierce; however, feel free to view other students' hard work during designated viewing periods to appreciate the creativity and effort put into each work.

Top: Indiana University's track and field

Middle: A top quality basketball court for Ludi events

Left: Murals located in the dining hall

Right: An organ in Alumni Hall