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Key player: Virginia’s two mythologians have enough knowledge to cause major damage, but might too many cooks spoil the broth?

7. Texas

Not much is known about this iteration, but consistently good Texas teams make the journey to nationals each year.

Key player: If Cass Plowman returns, his experience and all-around knowledge could make some noise.

8. District of Columbia

D.C. made finals in intermediate last year, but I expect them to struggle making the step up to advance. Semi-finals would be a decent result for a team who have several good years ahead of them.

Key player: Unknown.

9. Ohio

Have 1-2 players that are capable of playing Certamen (and fewer than that who can play Ludi). If nothing else, a team with Gautam Apte will be entertaining to watch.

Key player: Sam Katz may have to put the team on his back for them to make semis.

About the author: Michael Kearney is a former Certamen player, who captained the Wisconsin team to the Advanced championship last summer. Michael specializes in questionable challenges and inflammatory predictions, but struggles to write bios in the third person. He is still looking for WSOC teammates.

Below: The 2016 Certamen draw. Photo by Caitlin Johnston.

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