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to do, I thought back to something near and dear to me and thousands of JCLers- the JCL Creed.

First, “We affirm the JCL experience develops responsibility”- During my time in JCL, I felt responsible to myself, to my friends, and to the other Latin nerds out there, to do what I feel I’m capable of and knowledgeable about. “Fosters brotherhood”- this line encouraged me to recruit others to join me in a worthy cause and strive to become proper leaders. “Promotes enthusiasm”- my Latin teachers, like Magister Austino, Magister Lubben, and even others that I never had classroom experience with were the ones who introduced me to the wonderful world of Latin and JCL. If I could do half the work they did, I could inspire great minds to keep the traditions of the classical civilizations

alive.“Encourages competition”- with Certamen, Ludi, art competitions, and

classics in college, continued

oral presentations, people can find themselves and feel proud, and I would love to give that opportunity to more people, and help them discover their talents. “Inspires dedication”- JCL has helped me outside of just Latin-related activities- it’s helped me set goals and have a positive outlook on the future. It’s kept me dedicated to improving myself and my mental health, which is something incredibly important in an increasingly stressful world. Finally, “enriches our total growth.” Being a Latin teacher could be lucrative! But besides that, I remembered something about the JCL experience that the creed never mentions- it’s extremely fun! And so, I’ve decided to become a classics major at Temple and get my teaching license in Grad school. I hope this article has helped some of you gain some courage to bring classics and the spirit of the JCL with you through college and your lives, no matter what you want to do.

Above: The author with friends at 2016 national convention. PC Steven Chen.

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