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millennia ago. Romans contributed infinitely more to modern American culture, as well as countless other civilizations, than can possibly be conveyed in this article.

However, it cannot be left unsaid that the Latin language and Roman culture has influenced each and every person reading this. The members of the JCL constantly exhibit how the Roman culture has greatly influenced them, ultimately culminating in our state and national conventions intended to celebrate and learn from the great people that is the Romans.

roman culture, continued

water most likely kept some diseases at bay. Nowadays, they are motorized and no longer require a steady downward slope to keep the water's flow steady. However, the basics still draw on this particular feat of Roman architectural skill and technical innovation.

As any Certamen player can attest to, the Roman language plays no small part in the English language, which, while not a Romance language itself, contains many words and sayings derived from Latin. The English alphabet, although slightly enlarged since the time of the Romans, is the same one used two

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In keeping with Shir's thoughts about Rome's place in our cultural heritage, the theme for this year's national scrapbook is "A Modern-Day Rome"! Created by NJCL Historian Eric Wang (GA), it's a hundred pages long and includes photos from states across the country (including Wisconsin). To view it, click the photo below.

check out the njcl scrapbook!