Torch: WI - Page 3

letter from the editor

Salvete, amici!

It may be hard to believe, but state convention is just two and a half months away! While it may seem that Alabama's heat faded only yesterday, local chapters have been hard at work organizing service projects, hosting events, and preparing for state convention since the school year started.

You'll read in these pages both summaries of our achievements at national convention (in case you couldn't make it or simply want to refresh your memory) and descriptions of Wisconsinites' most recent accomplishments. I loved reading this issue's submissions, and I'm confident that state convention will be an incredible weekend.

Whether it's your first convention, your second, your third, or your eighteenth, we look forward to seeing you and the rest of the WJCL at the Monona Terrace in January!

E corde,

Margot Armbruster

2017-2018 WJCL Editor

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