Torch: WI - Page 8

PAGE 8 CERTAMEN UPDATE ANONYMOUS With now only two weeks to go until Nationals, players vying for spots on all 3 teams are furiously at work. Both Shir Bloch and Chloe Wong have attended the majority of practices and are showing promise. They are expected to make an excellent Nationals debut. Joe Mann, another upstart, is expected to as well. Vying for the Intermediate team, Vibhu Kolli has shown great growth in the past month, especially in the categories of Mythology and History while her friend Victoria Toledo has shown an impressive knack for grammar questions. Finally, in the advanced division, 5 players have attended almost every practice. Margot Armbruster is proving to be exceptional in the grammar category, Adam Abuhajir might just be the next Michael Kearney in the Mythology category, Teddy Stavropoulos has impressed in the History category, Ram Gollapudy seems to know an unhealthy amount about the Literature category, and Michael Kearney, in typical Michael Kearney fashion, is studying all categories with great success, with a heavy emphasis on Mythology. The WJCL teams are looking strong and are eager to show the might of Wisconsin! ROMAN GEOGRAPHY WORD-FIND 1. City covered with pumice and ash from Vesuvius 2. Sea on the eastern coast of Italy 3. Phoenician city in north Africa and Rome's opponent in the Punic Wars Port city of Rome located at the mouth of the Tiber City covered with volcanic mud from Vesuvius Mountains running the full length of Italy River forming the northeast boundary of the Roman Empire 8. River in northern Italy which Caesar crossed when defying the orders of the Senate to return to Rome without his army 9. City on the Adriatic Sea to which Via Appia led 11. City east of Rome in Asia Minor; home of Aeneas 12. Largest island in the Mediterranean, located between Carthage and Italy 13. Sea extending from Spain to the Middle East 14. City southeast of Rome in Greece 15. Island in the Mediterranean, north of Sardinia 16. Mountains in northern Italy over which Hannibal crossed with his elephants 17. Island in the Mediterranean south of Corsica 18. Province northwest of Rome to which Via Aurelia led 19. Province northeast of Rome conquered by Trajan; modern Rumania 20. A second river forming the northeast boundary of the Roman Empire 4. 5. 6. 7. IF YOU WOULD LIKE THE SOLUTION TO LAST ISSUE’S PUZZLE, CONTACT ME AT EDITOR@WJCL.ORG.