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PAGE 7 CONSTITUTION UPDATE BY RAM GOLLAPUDY, WJCL PARLIAMENTARIAN The new Constitutional system is composed of a Constitution and Bylaws. The bylaws are meant to be easier to change while the Constitution is supposed to be more constant of a body of laws. This happened mainly because of the April board meeting, where 2 bylaws were passed without really a precedent on what they were or where in the Constitution they should be put. At the meeting itself a fairly decent part of the discussion was what exactly bylaws were. After that meeting I did a lot of research on bylaws/Constitutions and using various sources like Robert's Rules of Order, Northwestern and Indiana University and most importantly the NJCL Constitution, which uses this system, I finally not only figured out the distinction, but also in which body of laws each Section of our Constitution should fall into. In terms or changes, the only "new" material was naturalizing already existing notions: when and where meetings are held, and the purpose and election of state chairs. The passing of bylaws was also reworded better in order to prevent further confusion. As to why it happened at a regular meeting: 1. Nothing new from a law standpoint was introduced. Everything was either relocated or added as an already observed practice. 2. There was no feasible way to go through every section of the Constitution to ensure to no new material had been added at GA3. We are already pressed for time as it is during that last evening, and there is simply not enough time to explain material that does not change anything about how the WJCL carries about its business. TREASURER UPDATE ABOVE : WJCL MEMBERS REVIEW RAM’S REVISED CONSTITUTION BEFORE VOTING UNANIMOUSLY TO ADOPT IT. BY MARK BECHTHOLD, WJCL TREASURER Currently, as WJCL Treasurer my responsibilities consist of preparing the merchandise for Nationals to make money for the WJCL through Agora. To make as much money as possible, we decided to buy a number of products including jerseys, hats, and socks. We are hoping to be very successful in selling these items to show how strong the WJCL really is. If we can get the support of the whole WJCL in hawking our wares at Nats, we will definitely sell our products, and the more money we have, the more we can do with the WJCL. As of right now my concern is advertising for Nats: how can the WJCL best separate itself from the other states and thus sell the most LUDI jerseys and socks? We need the charismatic members of the WJCL to convince buyers to pay for our products first. Last year at Nationals a kid from Virginia approached a group of ten Wisconsinites and asked if we wanted to buy his Varsity Latin shirts. I had already bought one, but none of my friends had, so he proceeded to convince us that we simply could not live without Varsity Latin shirts, explaining that in truth the shirts that they produced were ABOVE: BA STUDENTS SOLD BUTTONS AT NATIONnot made of 100% cotton but were rather 90% cotton and ALS LAST YEAR. PHOTO BY STEVEN CHEN. 10% dreams, and that if we bought his shirt, 10% of our dreams would come true. His strategy was absolutely absurd, and yet seven of us bought t-shirts because he was persistent and hilarious. That is the kind of advertising I am hoping to create with the help of the WJCL to sell as much as possible at this National Latin Convention.