Torch: WI - Page 6

PAGE 6 HOMESTEAD UPDATE BY ANGIE MOYER, HOMESTEAD LATIN CLUB PRESIDENT At the end of the year Homestead had our annual ice cream social and a coin war! The ice cream social was filled with toppings, Magis' Latin music, and fun (as always). The coin war was between the four levels of Latin at Homestead. I'm proud to say the Latin II's won with 287 positive points. Through the coin war we raised a grand total of $126.28 to go towards buying a cow for people in need through Heifer International. AT LEFT: HOMESTEAD LATIN STUDENTS ENJOY ICE CREAM AT THEIR ANNUAL SOCIAL. PHOTO BY KATYA MIKHAILENKO. MADWEST UPDATE BY FRANCES BARTOLUTTI, MADWEST LATIN CLUB PRESIDENT Salvete WJCLers! These few closing months of school have been pretty peaceful at MadWest. Besides continuing current chapter projects and putting others on hold for the upcoming school year, MadWest Latin has been in a state of serenity. Our Treasurer, Emma Cortright, has continued making progress in our sponsorship and scholarship efforts, while also coming up with great merchandise ideas for our delegation. Lauren Bayouth, our Parliamentarian, has formatted our Madison West Latin constitution to be similar to our newly-updated WJCL constitution, with the help of Ram Gollapudy, the WJCL Parliamentarian. Beside our club projects and day-to-day doings, we also had a potluck at Mags' farm on May 22nd. Every year in mid May, Mags throws a big potluck for all willing Latin students and their families. This year, we all pitched in with chairs and food to help out, due to her physical limitations, although she made a mean turkey stew. The potluck was a huge success, with Latin students both past and present coming to visit. We all had a great time out in the killer heat with Mags and her numerous animals. Gandhi, one of Mags' cats, was in rare form, demanding attention from everyone. It was, all in all, a great afternoon! As national convention approaches, the MadWest delegates are preparing for all the Ludi, Certamen, and other contests. They are also preparing themselves for the crazy spirit, lack of sleep, and overall love that will start as soon as they step onto the bus in July. MadWest can't wait to take part in representing the WJCL at nats! ABOVE: MADWEST LATIN STUDENTS ENJOY EACH OTHER’S COMPANY AT MAGS’ POTLUCK.