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ROMAN HOLIDAY MOVIE REVIEW PAGE 5 BY KATIE MCCARTHY, WJCL SECOND VICE-PRESIDENT Don’t let the name fool you—Roman Holiday is not about Saturnalia or Bacchanalia. In the beginning, I honestly thought I was watching Princess Diaries in black and white. It was the scene where Princess Mia is dancing at her 21st Birthday Ball with every eligible bachelor; but instead, Princess Ann was at the Embassy Ball. Then, the stress of constant travelling and public relations appearances gets to Princess Ann. I felt like I could personally relate to Ann’s feeling of intense suffocation; it was similar to the feeling when Convention is the next day and your costume for couples contest isn’t even started. When the princess runs off for a wild night after she becomes heavily sedated, you begin to see the Roman ruins. Ann actually falls asleep in front of what seems to be the Temple of Saturn. After that, the movie splits between the royal family trying to figure out how to handle Ann’s disappearance and Joe Bradley, the news reporter who safely gets Ann, unaware of her status, off the streets. When Joe realizes Ann’s true identity, he attempts to learn all of her juicy secrets for a tell-all exposé; he and AUDREY HEPBURN AND GREGORY PECK his photographer pal, Irving Radovich, photograph Ann doing all sorts of rebellious things around the Eternal City. This secret IN ROMAN HOLIDAY. PHOTO FROM THE photoshoot allows the audience to see many of the wonders in B&B GLI ARTISTI BLOG. Rome, such as the Spanish Steps, the Colosseum, and the less famous Mouth of Truth. Joe drove Ann around the cobblestone roads on a scooter; the guided tour of the classical city is sure to make any viewer fall in love with vespas. It’s obvious to see why this film is considered a classic: it’s filled with romance, deception and a fight! Without giving anything away, I was completely surprised when the movie ended. I think I even ‘booed’ when the credits came; the ending really brought the entire movie down. But overall, Roman Holiday was unpredictable in a good way. The fact that this film was photographed and recorded entirely in Rome makes me like it even more. Roman Holiday would be an appropriate movie to watch with a pint, or even a half gallon, of ice cream. 4.5 / 5 Colosseums THE IMPORTANCE OF LUDI BY CALEB JUDGE WJCL FIRST VICE-PRESIDENT Wisconsin is the broiest state in the NJCL. This should come as no surprise to those attending nationals. But being naturally broier and and more awesome does come with a lot of pressure. And no, these high expectations can not be met by simply winning the academic contests of the convention, such as Certamen or oratory, these academic contests are just simply nice perks. These must be met by obliterating the other states in the competitions of the bro, such as Ludi. We must remain in tip top shape to be able to achieve this domination, both physically and mentally. I encourage a written workout plan to all those participating, each day more vigorous than the last until you feel ready for the competition. Together we can achieve greatness, in the field of awesomeness and broiness. We must defend our title. Ooo Rah Rah Wisconsin! ABOVE RIGHT: TEAM WISCONSIN PREPARES FOR LUDI AT THE 2015 NATIONAL CONVENTION. PHOTO BY STEVEN CHEN.