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PAGE 3 MICHAEL’S CERTAMEN PREDICTIONS About the Author: Michael Kearney is a four time WJCL State Certamen champion and has captained the Wisconsin Nationals team each of the past three years. He has won Nationals Certamen at least seven times in his sleep and currently serves as the National Junior Classical League First Vice President. 1. Florida As much as it pains me, who else could it be? Florida is the perennial powerhouse of the past decade—and if not for the final tossup of novice last year, they would have achieved the coveted Certamen sweep. Nonetheless, Florida returns National Champions from both Intermediate and Advanced—including Hall of Famers Noah McThenia, Graham Hardcastle, et al. Although Florida’s powerhouse Oak Hall fell in the finals of the GA-FL tournament to Boston Latin School, it should still fancy its chances—Florida is much more than Oak Hall, and it will remain to be seen whether the same can be said about Massachusetts and BLS. Key player: Florida, above all else, is renowned for its depth. Keep an eye out for Graham Hardcastle and Noah Harris but know that anyone on the team will do serious damage 2. Massachusetts Despite my previous statement, running a gauntlet that includes the Yale, Harvard, and GA-FL Certamen tournaments cannot be marginalized. Massachusetts retains National Champions (Intermediate, UNLV 2013) William and Michael Gao (to be immortalized as the constellation Gemini if they win) as well as Nestoras Apodiakos (conspicuously absent from Nationals last year). The question that remains is whether they able to replicate their form from more regional Certamina at the highest level. If they do, God help us all. Key Player: Someone, anyone, that’s not from BLS—if only to look pretty up on stage. 3. Georgia The loss of grammarian Vinu Eranezhath (yes, I did have to look up how to spell that) hits hard—the jury is still out on who the replacement will be (and indeed, if they can measure up). Even so, the solid core of historian Bryan Wu and literarian W2W7BfVFVBFBV7vr6VB7F&fRG&V&Rf"7BFV2vV&v( 27F"6VVVBF&P&6rvVBvG2f'7B66#B'WBF6Fr6V֒fW&f&6RGf6VB7BV"Vg@FV&VVƖ~( GF2V"&fRF&R6FǗ7Bf"FRgWGW&R"W&2FVvVƖVǒFR&Vvrb6p6ƖFR&6F֗GशWW#vWfW"VG2W2חFvBw&&( GvFW&R&RFf6RWFFR&W77W&SBv6667W&R6R&6VB&&&ǒ( F'WBV"RWBv6662BBG'VRvW&W6RFV66RFRF2`6Fv6BWF&&6BFVvF2FVB&RvVFvV&R"&7F6VBVVvF&V6GW&RFRv2Bv76&ǒ&RFR&W7Bv666FVvR6VRF2FV6FRFW&R2FRFVFF&Rw&VN( @'WBFVFV2fW'ƗGFRWFR&r7FvRशWW#&vB&''W7FW"B( B6rFB&V6W6R( w&FrF2'F6Rf"W"v666vVW&ǐFW2B6f"7V6GW'2'WB&&VǒbWfW"fG2G'VRw&&( D&vB6VB&R6RRFW0'&VfǒVFW'FVBFR76&ƗGb&涖rFW2vW"FfgF( F'WB6VF( B'&rח6VbFFBGFW"vBFW2v2GW&2WBFRFWfVWW&V6R2fVB672v6FV֖2FV6FvW"26&R6'&VB6V'V&&F&VRbvVBFVFVBFW2FV7BV"WV7@FW2F&6WFRG2v7BW76W"VƗG6WFF( fW6ǒ&V֖FVBbFW2f6^( 2RG2&VƖ2BV''WB76&ǒ7G'VvvRv7BFV2FRbFVvW"WGFR( 6fW6ǒ&V֖FVBbFB6PFW2f6RFVBV'v6fVBFGf6RWBb6V֖f2शWW#672v( FR6V&ǒ2FRvVFvRB&RgFVFBBFR7VVBFR'WW"vWfW"R7G'VvvRFfB2fVWBFW2FVvFv6R2BVF&Vǒ6f'F&RRFVG2F2FVf"2664( F'WBbRFW2FW&R&R7FrFRR7F"7FFRbf&vv'&Vfǒ66FW&VBG&rf&v&VrFRFn( FBv6VF( B'&rח6VbFFBvRfRFPFV( E'W'&GB66v'G6VVBF"B6Vǖ&&W'G6( FBg&ǒrfW'ƗGFR&WB7@bFW6RW'2( 6VFr7Fǒf&v( 2&ƗGF667FVFǒGW&WBVƗGFVBFRf7BFBN( 0vVW&ǒVv6RF&WBv7B7FFRvF6Ɩ&W"bf&vशWW#W'&GB66v'GFR7B&V6v旦&RRFBƗ7BR2FRvWV7Bv&RFRǖ6&VBv6F2FV2&6VBࠠ