Torch: WI - Page 2

PAGE 2 LETTER FROM THE EDITOR BY MARGOT ARMBRUSTER Salvete amici! I can’t believe there are only 2 weeks before we leave for national convention! Tempus fugit! From what I’ve seen of Certamen and Ludi practices, Wisconsin has been working hard and should perform well at nationals in a variety of categories. Nevertheless, if you need help finding study materials— or have questions about convention in general— feel free to contact me. If you haven’t attended so far, feel free to join us at the remaining Certamen and Ludi practices. A few of the Certamen teams are still seeking additional players, and alternates are always useful. I hope you’re excited for nationals, whether this is your first year attending or you’re a seasoned veteran. Ooh rah rah Wisconsin! E corde, Margot Armbruster WJCL Editor 2016-2017 UPDATE FROM THE HISTORIAN BY KATYA MIKHAILENKO, WJCL HISTORIAN The Historian's biggest project is the creation of a scrapbook for Nationals. To put together the scrapbook, the Historian must document events, or gather pictures of events, that have occurred throughout the year and combine them. One must keep in mind that these photos are not simply jumbled on a page, but instead strategically organized so that they unite under a common theme that is prevalent throughout the scrapbook. Each photo must be captioned with the individuals and event correctly identified, which proves a challenge at times. Some of the events that will be featured in the scrapbook this year are the 2015 National KATYA MIKHAILENKO TAKES A PHOTO WITH Convention, Capture the Helen, 2016 WJCL HOMESTEAD STUDENTS AT STATE CONVENTION. State Convention, and the pot roast at Magistra Wallach's home. The theme that will unite all of these events is "Y[our] Story." While this theme may seem to not have any connection to Latin, there actually exists one. Greek myths that students have read ever since they began learning Latin tended to be about specific gods or goddesses, each myth telling the individual story of that deity. These stories were related to each other. The gods and goddesses had their individual stories, and each one served as a small part of Greek Mythology. After reading just a couple of myths, a similarity and connection is observed. The deities have their own stories to tell, which all formulate together to tell the story of Greek Mythology. This is similar to each individual in the WJCL having a specific story about their experience, which is part of the story of the WJCL as a whole. Whether it's someone's personal story about a Certamen round or a memory about a general assembly at Nationals, that story is part of the WJCL's story. No matter what the story may be, in the end, everyone's individual stories come together to create the story of the WJCL.