Top Tips For Students New To Renting Student Accommodation Plymouth W Top Tips For Students New To Renting Student Accom

Having a room in halls in your first year helps smooth the transition from all the ease of living at home to living independently. But you may now be looking for student accommodation Plymouth wide for your second year, so here are three handy hints. First, register with a professional agency. Anyone can become a landlord – there’s no accreditation required. Most private landlords are fair and honest, but a few unscrupulous ones don’t care about their tenants’ welfare. Protect yourself by finding an experienced, well-established letting agency. One specialising in Plymouth University student accommodation is even better. They’ll understand student needs better than general lettings agencies. Second, know your neighbourhood: view property in locations that are convenient for your lifestyle. Living too far from lectures, friends or nightlife can make life miserable, not to mention expensive for transport. Last, check what’s included and what’s not. That means whether utilities, WiFi and TV licence are covered by your monthly rent, as well as whether you’ll need to supply your own vacuum cleaner, microwave and so on. These hidden costs can make student accommodation Plymouth wide more expensive than you expect.