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Cool As The Other Side of The Pillow A genius travel pillow you can use as a neck pillow or zip into a rectangular, classic pillow shape for all your cozy needs. It's truly ahead of the game. 04 LUGGAGE MAGIC 2 IN 1 TRAVEL PILLOW This baby was picked as the best inexpensive travel pillow by BuzzFeed Reviews! 0 "I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCT" "I bought this pillow for my study abroad trip to Germany... PRO TIP Do not machine wash. Just use a damp cloth. My journey from the Midwest to Germany was around 24 hours, and this travel pillow made it far more comfortable. Though a little large, I consider this pillow to be an excellent purchase. I used it on planes, trains, and buses. It's comfortable and doesn't get too hot, like some of the other travel pillows I've tried. One side has a smoother cloth texture, while the other side is a little soft and fuzzy. This was really handy — depending on the temperature and humidity of where I was, I could switch to suit my preference. I highly recommend this product." —Emily Get it from Amazon for $14.52+ (available in three colors). LUXETR A VELL A B . COM