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You'll Get Hooked On This Weekend Bag! A super cute and spacious weekend bag you can hook onto a suitcase handle — it really takes the "carry" out of "carry-on." 07 WEEKEND TOTE BAG CARRY-ON TOTE DUFFEL If and when you DO have to carry it, though, it has a handy shoulder strap! This tote bag can serve as a carry-on item for most airlines. Features of this numerous! Fashion small overnight bag for women, perfect for everyday use with all your daily bits. - A great gift choice, it fits for outdoor, travel, shopping, beach, school, work. Back side sleeve allows you to slide it over the standard handle of a rolling suitcase or luggage. PRO TIP This bag fits easily underneath any air plane seat. "I needed an under-the-seat carry-on for a flight, and this bag fit the bill perfectly. It's roomy and well-made with pockets for small things. It's large enough to fit a laptop inside with room to spare, and you can, indeed, slip it over the extended handle of your rolling suitcase. I can't tell you how long the bag will last, but I can say that I was pleased on its maiden flight." —Leila Lodencraft "THIS BAG FIT PERFECTLY UNDERNEATH THE SEAT." Get it from Amazon for $34.99+ (available in 10 colors and prints). LUXETR A VELL A B . COM