Tone Report Weekly Issue 80 - Page 51

The Harlot lends body and fullness to a clean amp and transforms an amp on the edge of breakup into a wild rock and roll machine. Setting the Harlot alone atop of a vintage Marshall-style amp makes for a simple, perfect and powerful pair. The Harlot is somewhat limited due to its lack of a tone knob or EQ section. You’ll essentially get out of it what you put into it, so that means setting up your amp and other dirt boxes just right so you can optimize your tone. Being a simpleton, I didn’t mind the lack of tone controls—players are only a step away from rocking out. Larry Alan has produced a very capable drive pedal in the Harlot. Whether you’re after a simple, slightly dirty boost or a rowdy distortion, you’ll either with ease. Sure, it’s less versatile than other options with various knobs and switches, and it’s probably not a be-all endall drive pedal. In short, the Harlot isn’t going to make you dinner or fold the laundry, but she’ll show you a hell of a good time; each gig will be a night to remember. WHAT WE LIKE Simple, great sounding dirt box. CON I9L()9