Tone Report Weekly Issue 80 - Page 47

boost or cut their respective frequency bands and alter the sound of the drive accordingly. It can get both extremely dark and very bright, so it should be at home with any guitar and amp combination. Celestial describes the overdrive as “transparent,” and while we’ve all heard that buzzword more than a few times, it’s an accurate descriptor. The Drive doesn’t add much of its own flavor, but contributes to the goodness you already have in your rig. It is quite smooth and makes a great general-purpose drive. The real magic, though, lies in the Boost function. Celestial did everyone a solid by allowing the boost to be used with or without the overdrive section, so you can push your other dirt boxes into sonic oblivion if you so desire. You can make sure everyone hears your solos by placing the boost function after the drive, but my favorite setting was boosting the overdrive. This generates a more saturated tone without too much of a volume increase. Keep in mind, there is a lot of volume capability in this box. If you have a vintage amp with a frail speaker, treat the Boost and Volume knobs with care. With the Boost post-drive, I preferred using it on its own to boost other dirt devices. Running the Boost into a silicon Fuzz Facestyle box produced a sweet snarl with extra presence and saturation. It is also an excellent clean boost, taking silky smooth solos up a notch to ensure the crowd and the rest of the band hear you in all your glory. WHAT WE LIKE Smooth overdrive. Monster boost capability. Cool graphics. CONCERNS Be careful with that Boost knob. The Sagittarius is an excellent, utilitarian drive and boost pedal that would be a welcome addition to any rig. Whether you’re in the market for either effect, or want to add to your dirt arsenal, it’s worth looking into, and it’s sure to make part of the constellations more accessible to the average Joe. 47