Tone Report Weekly Issue 80 - Page 46

CELESTIAL EFFECTS SAGITTARIUS OVERDRIVE BOOST REVIEW BY SAM HILL STREET PRICE $189.00 As a child, I remember going to the local planetarium on elementary school field trips. As we sat in the reclining chairs, the lights went out and we gazed upward into the model night sky on the ceiling. A high school teacher would describe the constellations. “This is Orion,” he said, because there was a belt. Where?! I never saw a belt. “As you can see,” he’d point out, “this is a scorpion.” In my estimation, you need a lot of lines connected to stars and quite an imagination to come up with Scorpio and the master hunter. Why do I bring this up, you ask? 46 GEAR REVIEW // Well, my friend, if you’ve found yourself disappointed by the constellations, be disappointed no more— Celestial Effects has given us tangible zodiac devices that do not require deep astrological interpretation. The Sagittarius is one such device. Identified as an Overdrive Boost, it has, as you may suspect, Drive and Boost knobs, as well as a two-band EQ (Treble and Bass) and Volume. Two independent footswitches control the Drive and Boost functions, and the order of the effects can be set via a small latching pushbutton switch located on the bottom of the pedal. The stock setting is Driv P