Tone Report Weekly Issue 80 - Page 43

clean tube amp into crunch territory. Controlling the Rate of the selectable ramp up, sine, ramp down and square waveforms is a completely unique experience to each setting. My favorite is the choppy squarewaves that can be unleashed by smacking a chord after a light fingerpicking passage. The tone is as pegged and choppy as hippo teeth masticating an unsuspecting river bather. Aggressive minor chords are my territorial tone behavior of choice. Controlling the Depth with touch is equally thrilling. This is useful for singing guitarists who wish to multitask without the added labor of an expression pedal. Tickle the strings for a moody verse with some subtle undulations and punctuate the vocal gaps with shipwreck of intense crashing sinewaves. Last but not least, the Harmonic Tremolo mode is a veritable oil spill of thick modulation that smears the lines of twostage phaser, vibrato and luminescent harmonic throb. It is hard to take my fingers off this pulse setting. It is just so alive. WHAT WE LIKE Vintage looks and tones to match, compact-yetcomprehensive control, touch dynamics and absolutely stunning tones make for a serious contender for best tremolo pedal to date. Adding to this is a level boost that can go beyond the utilitarian function of perceived tremolo volume loss compensation. Then, cap off the deal with a vintage amp-like reverb that can be used to flavor the harmonic sonic soup, and Keeley’s best dish is served piping hot. This is a must for tremolo freaks and has great value for money and pedalboard space. CONCERNS Because of the touch dynamic aspect to the function of the DynaTrem, it seems it was designed to run in front of the amp and dirt effects. The only thing I could think of to add to this toneful box would be a loop to patch in an overdrive after the envelope, but before the tremolo and reverb. This might comprise the small size and overcomplicate things, so I will not look a gift horse in the mouth and just be happy that Keeley threw in all the extras. 43