Tone Report Weekly Issue 80 - Page 42

KEELEY ELECTRONICS DYNATREM DYNAMIC TREMOLO REVIEW BY FLETCHER STEWART STREET PRICE $199 PLEASE DO TOUCH… I SHAKE SO MUCH Robert Keeley has come so far since his early modfather days. Recently, he and his team have been cranking out some top shelf original circuits. The new Keeley pedals dish out stellar tones and comprehensive control, while maintaining compact housing for prime pedalboard real estate. The delicious new DynaTrem is no exception and easily my favorite to date. On the face of the unit, the crimson and gold color scheme and tube radio grillcloth graphics exude pure class. Luckily, the tones 42 GEAR REVIEW // match the tux. With a mere four dials and a three-way toggle switch, one can tweak out the tremolo gamut with a smorgasbord of sinewy waveforms and speeds that range from choppy to chewy and everything in between. What’s more is the ability to conduct the rate and depth with pick-attack for an organic-electric relationship that is pure dynamic dopamine. It is addictive, inspirational and as dynamic as the name suggests. Let’s dig a little deeper and find those slinky sine and square wave worms. PRIMORDIAL SOUP CAN CONDUCTIONS The tri-sectional heart of the DynaTrem pumps from the Mode switch. Reading from left to right, one can choose to conduct with his or her pick attack, the rate or depth of the modulations. The third mode reveals a swirling soupy harmonic tremolo and a wet, lip-smacking vintagevibe reverb that can be attenuated by the Shape/ Reverb dial. This pedal can be thought of as a sort of pre-‘70s multi-effects box. The onboard level control can even goose the preamp section of an unwieldy Keeley Electronics Dynatrem Dynamic Tremolo