Tone Report Weekly Issue 80 - Page 39

“Burning Down the House.” Simple strumming and picking through the Squeeze gave a shimmering, controlled sound that remained both clean and balanced during heavier, percussive playing. The folks at Way Huge aren’t joking when they recommend this setting for classic tones. On the other end of the spectrum, the Saffron Squeeze can clamp down to give a warm, ultracompressed quality to one’s signal. Surprisingly, the Squeeze’s recommended “Constrictor” setting allowed for very open, ringing, and thick chords, particularly those played farther up the neck. Here a little experiment with the Attack knob revealed the smoothness of this pedal. Less attack tended to require two or so seconds for the signal to rise in intensity from its compressed to its more “open” level. Cranking the Attack to the right quickened the attack, and lent the resulting signal more of a shimmering quality that emphasized the high end. The Saffron Squeeze felt built to last, and even its small Gain, Tone, and Attack knobs inspired the sort of confidence that lesser pedals often fail to provide. Way Huge added an extra convenience by mounting the battery door on the lower side wall of the pedal. As nice as this ease of access was, the plastic tab that locks the little door in place seemed a bit flimsy. This is a small concern, however, and one that owners of a dedicated power supply can ignore. WHAT WE LIKE Shimmering, controlled compression that tends not to dirty one’s tone; pre-compression, inputlevel control helps to boost a quiet signal. CONCERNS The plastic battery compartment door, although well-placed, features a small tab that feels as if it will break too easily. Although a compressor won’t improve anyone’s playing, it’s a tool that, like a good spice, can distinguish one’s playing from that of others. The Saffron Squeeze is just the sort of reasonably priced, high-quality effect that good sonic chefs ought to include on their pedal boards. 39