Tone Report Weekly Issue 80 - Page 35

Technically, these could be described as picks, but they are quite different. The round shape— and texture—of the coin forces you to hold and pick differently than you normally would. It works for some guy named Brian May—who knows, it may work for you too. If you’re looking for some extra edge and twang, a coin may be just the right fit. Try out different coins and figure out what’s best for you. Or, just pick according to your favorite president. What do Jimmy Page, Jonny Greenwood, and Jonsi from Sigur Rós all have in common? They’ve used an orchestral bow to dramatic effect on some of their songs. A bow isn’t designed for use on an electric guitar, and that’s part of the appeal. Besides sounding unique and dramatic, they look cool; you’ll be the coolest person onstage as you wield your horsehair sabre. Check out Led Zeppelin’s “Dazed and Confused,” Radiohead’s “Pyramid Song,” and many songs by Sigur Rós to hear what a bow sounds like with a guitar through effects. 35