Tone Report Weekly Issue 80 - Page 28

passive Switchblade Plus is easy to work into a crowded pile of stompboxes. It has two switches, one for toggling between A and B outputs, and one for selecting both A and B outputs at once. It also features a tuner out that can be used in the standard fashion, or as a separate effects send to another pedal or pedals. Handy LEDs indicate which switch is activated. With its convenient size and very economical price point, the EHX Switchblade Plus is great for the guitarist on a budget that regularly needs to have several signal chains going at once.  LEHLE LITTLE DUAL Germany’s Lehle has elevated the formerly utilitarian switcher pedal to high art, with a product line that boasts an aweinspiring array of switchers for every purpose and routing scenario under the sun. On top of that, Lehle’s switchers are genuinely beautiful, with matte silver mushroom cap switches and elegant, colorful enclosure designs that seem to be strongly influenced by Nordic minimalism. Gear nerds can definitely lust after a 28 TONE TALK // Lehle. As I mentioned, the company is a true innovator in the switching world, with brilliant designs that integrate amp switching, effects loops, MIDI, and all sorts of other wonderful things, but they also make a relatively basic and very robust ABY called the Little Dual. The Little Dual functions like a standard ABY, with two switches, one for toggling between A and B, and another for engaging both A and B at once. It has a pair of bright LEDs, phase reverse and ground lift switches, and Lehle’s superb LTHZ transformer, which isolates the outputs from each other for maximum noise and hum rejection capabilities. Unlike other ABY’s, though, the Little Dual also features two inputs, allowing it to be used in true stereo fashion, and all of its switches have goldplated contacts for unparalleled sonic and functional integrity. For players with slightly larger gear budgets and a need for a switcher that places a premium on tonal integrity, Lehle is where it’s at. 5 Awesome ABYs for Your Routing Pleasure