Tone Report Weekly Issue 80 - Page 27

MXR M196 A/B BOX MXR calls this an A/B box, but in that it allows the player to use both A and B outputs simultaneously, its function is more like that of an ABY. The difference, I suppose, is that the M196 has two separate, dedicated footswitches, one for each output, rather than one footswitch that toggles between A and B, and another that engages both A and B at once, like many other designs. It also features quiet, pop-free, true hardwire bypass, and a thru output that is designed for tuning purposes. Each channel also has its own LED as well, letting the user easily determine which ones are active, even on the darkest, loudest, and most disorienting stages. The MXR M196 is a road-worthy and economical choice for the guitarist that wants to use two separate amplifiers or signal chains simultaneously.  ELECTRO-HARMONIX SWITCHBLADE PLUS This compact, functional ABY from EHX is ideal for the player with fairly basic switching needs, and not much room on their pedalboard. At around 4.5 inches long and 2.75 inches wide, the entirely 27