Tone Report Weekly Issue 80 - Page 12

This one’s for the nutbags who are reading this article thinking, “ONLY two delays?” TC’s Flashback Triple Delay might just be the new king of delays. As one might guess from its name, this stompbox offers the truly perverted delay deviant the ability to string together three independent delay engines at once, each with its own dedicated footswitch, and with series or parallel operation just a minitoggle switch away. Because TC really did think of everything, it also offers 11 subdivisions, 16 delay types (including its four TonePrint slots), tap tempo to sync up the delay lines on the fly, buffered or true bypass operation, expression pedal control of time, level, or feedback, stereo innies and outies, MIDI control, and tons of headroom for using it in front of the amp, in the effec ts loop, or with any kind of non-guitar instrument or audio signal generator. Add in TC’s much deserved reputation for impeccable audio quality, and the Flashback Triple is really looking like the delay pedal to beat for the obsessive audio time traveler. 12 TONE TALK // 5 Delicious Dual Delays Delay pedal stacking can vastly expand upon the rhythmic potential and timbral complexity of one playing to too far AND it can also devolve into a blitzkrieg of chaotic Ricocheting repeats BUT heyTHAT can be cool tooO