Tone Report Weekly Issue 80 - Page 11

Speaking of pristine ping-ponging, if that’s a thing you’re into, check out Eventide’s superb TimeFactor dual delay. The TimeFactor was Eventide’s first, long-awaited venture into stompbox effects, with the company having been a cornerstone of the high-end studio effects world for several decades. Eventide produces a whole line of pedals these days, and the TimeFactor has earned a spot in the upper echelon of the delay pedal market, due to its glorious sonics, ease of use, and powerful tone creation capabilities. For dual delay enthusiasts the TimeFactor is especially delicious, as it is capable of having two completely independent delay lines from different modes running simultaneously, with a dedicated Delay Mix knob to fine tune the blend. This is a very inspiring feature, especially for guitarists operating in stereo, and when combined with the TimeFactor’s deep control capabilities, makes this pedal a very alluring prospect for any delay junkie looking for their next fix.  Another Strymon pedal? Yes, because these dudes are dominating the delay game like no one else (don’t act like you didn’t notice). The company’s TimeLine enjoys a lofty reputation amongst delay addicts, and for plenty of very good reasons, including exemplary audio quality, 12 delay types, 200 presets, a sweet looper, unparalleled control and processing power, full stereo operation, MIDI capability, and a feedback loop mode, among other things. One of the coolest of these other things is its Dual delay machine, which lets the player configure two simultaneous delay lines in series or parallel. The second delay can either follow the settings of the first delay, or it can be set up to operate independently, with its own Mix, Repeat, and Time settings. This offers up an abundance of potential to get your head spinning in blissed-out, super stereo ambience. The Strymon TimeLine is an undeniable modern classic, and a musthave for dedicated delay fiends.  The only thing better than one good delay pedal is two good delay pedals 11