Tone Report Weekly Issue 158 - Page 52

FREE THE TONE  AMBI SPACE REVERB REVIEW BY DAVID A. EVANS STREET PRICE $380.00 Free the Tone’s Ambi Space Digital Reverb has class, as some people might say. Its color scheme is reminiscent of an audiophile’s hi-fi system: glowing lights, dark knobs, black trim on a dark brown-copper housing. In fact, the Ambi Space is so well-designed, so reminiscent of a $10,000 stereo component that it would be easy to forget that it’s actually a useable effects pedal. The Ambi Space covers a lot of ground with its minimalist palette. It features six reverb modes which cover the essentials, and then some: Spring, Plate, Room, Hall, Cave, 52 GEAR REVIEW // and a special option called Serene for those newage, wall-of-sound songs. Switching reverb modes requires a mere twist of the Mode knob. True to the pedal’s intuitive and minimalist design, the Ambi Space features four Preset modes that can be accessed when the pedal is in Preset mode. If this seems a bit confusing, bear with me. By depressing the Mode button (not twisting the Mode knob), the pedal switches between the Manual and Preset modes. Only when the pedal is in the Preset mode can the user access the saved settings. Phew! Free the Tone Ambi Spcar Reverb Despite its appearances to the contrary, the setup is actually fairly straightforward, which I appreciated. However, as I tinkered with the pedal, I discovered that once in Preset mode, I couldn’t adjust the reverb parameters without first depressing the Edit button. By no means do I consider this quibble a dealbreaker, but I believe that readers should be aware of the nature of the Ambi Space’s presets. They’re really meant to be set up beforehand, as presets ought to, then used without much fuss when needed. Speaking of parameters, the