Tone Report Weekly Issue 144 - Page 8

NOW PLAY THIS POWERED BY EFFECTS DATABASE ➊ KEELEY ELECTRONICS BECKONS US TO THE DARK SIDE Robert Keeley’s multi-faceted Dark Side pedal pays tribute to one of the greatest albums ever recorded, offering a mélange of David Gilmour’s pedalboard without all the bulk. The Dark Side offers multi-head tape delay, Uni-Vibe, fuzz, rotary speaker, flanger and phaser in a manageable box with some handy extras, such as stereo routing and an FX insert jack. ➊ ➋ IBANEZ REISSUES THE ORIGINAL OVERDRIVE, THE OD850 Before anyone knew what overdrive pedals were supposed to sound like, Ibanez’s Overdrive pedal was flying off shelves, and now they’re back. The original Overdrive is actually a smooth, musical fuzz pedal that takes trip to Crunch City when the Sustain control is backed up. The reissue is limited to an undisclosed number. ➋ ➌ CUSACK MUSIC’S PEDAL CRACKER LETS VOCALISTS IN THE CLUB Cusack Music’s Pedal Cracker allows vocalists to get in on the pedal game. The Pedal Cracker is a buffered preamp featuring XLR ins and outs, with a quarter-inch effect loop that can accommodate any number of pedals, offering both latched and momentary operation, as well as wet and dry blending options. ➌ 8 NOW PLAY THIS // Buzzworthy Gear