Tone Report Weekly Issue 144 - Page 70

DEMETER AMPLIFICATION TGA-1-180D MIGHTY MINNIE REVIEW BY JAMIE WOLFERT STREET PRICE $949.00 Class-D power amplification is revolutionizing the business of loud guitars. These relatively tiny, highly efficient solidstate devices can generate a tremendous amount of wattage, yielding amps with real-world power and headroom that will best a 100-watt Marshall Plexi, but are small enough to fit on a pedalboard. Lately we’ve seen quite a few class-D amps hit the market, mostly in the bass realm, but guitarspecific models are appearing more regularly and look very promising indeed. One of the most notable of recent entries into the market is the Demeter TGA-1-180D, also known as the Mighty Minnie, 70 GEAR REVIEW // a 180-watt class-D amp that features a tube preamp section, a Jensen transformer, and a housing that is plenty small enough to live happily on a traveling pedalboard. The Mighty Minnie was reportedly designed at the request of slide guitar genius and Demeter amp devotee Sonny Landreth, who wanted a small, loud head that would work well with pedals and fit comfortably on a pedalboard for fly-in gigs where he would otherwise be forced to suffer at the hands of a questionable backline. As luck would have it, the engineers at Demeter had recently been working on a design concept for a small amplifier and monitor speaker rig for a pedalboard, and in doing so found that they could easily squeeze the hand-wired, Bassmanstyle tube preamp from their custom shop TGA-3 into a compact chassis with a 100watt class-D power section. It was from these concepts that the Mighty Minnie was born. The first thing one notices is that the Minnie has a walloping amount of output available. This output is directly dependent on what kind of cabinet(s) its dual quarter-inch speaker outs are plugged into, generating a maximum of 180 watts into a four-ohm cab, 100 watts into an eight-ohm cab, or 60 watts into a 16-ohm cab Demeter Amplification TGA-1-180D Mighty Minnie