Tone Report Weekly Issue 144 - Page 7

- Handcrafted in Atlanta, GA - - not just another 3 knob delay - - Analog Voiced - 9v to 18v DC - 700 MS Delay Time - Ghost Lit Knobs - True Bypass - Winner - Internal Trim pot - Lifetime Warranty World Cup of Pedals 2016 adjusts self oscillation Sensitivity - Designed to be simple yet versatile “The CAST Engineering Casper delay has really become a favorite of mine. It’s transparent, quiet, responsive and just really musical! I don’t know how I got along before without it. From Johnny Marr to Cliff Gallup...The Casper does it all!” - Jerry Walker Singer Songwriter 470.505.8600 “The Casper is addictive. It has a magical quality, usually reserved for vintage tape delays, that allows you to get totally lost in it. The notes seem to almost hang in the air around you. The Casper earns it's name.” - Les Cooper Multi Juno Award Winner “Kudos to the team at CAST Engineering for this game-changing pedal...It’s the only delay on my live boards now and the #1 delay I reach for on my session work for guitar, pedal steel, electric pianos & pretty much anything else!” - Matt McDaniel Drake White & The Big Fire Learn More About Us -