Tone Report Weekly Issue 144 - Page 66

BUGGFX RAINCOAT REVIEW BY YOEL KREISLER STREET PRICE $179.00 The Raincoat is an amalgamation of thick distortion, warm overdrive, and crispy top-end rolled into a package that just begs to be your main overdrive, distortion, and everything in between. This gray Raincoat is the second pedal from Robert Bird over at BuggFX (of Daydream fame) in Georgia, and it’s take on the distortion formula may seem on its cover like a classic Electro-Harmonix circuit, but there are bits and pieces hidden away in the tone that separate it from the saturated crowd of lookalikes and clones. There’s a storm a-brewin’, 66 GEAR REVIEW // so grab your Raincoats and let’s face the elements. MOTHER RUSSIA Before stomping it on, it’s clear that this pedal takes some sort of inspiration from the Big Muff circuit, with the controls “Volume” “Sustain” and “Tone” giving it away pretty completely. Upon stomping it on, the first thing that hit my ears was a very clear Sovtek influence, albeit slightly brighter and crispier in the upper midrange. The original Sovteks are quite dark and heavy in the midrange, as you can see here (Tone Report Weekly issue 132), and have a slightly sluggish sonic BuggFX Raincoat character that makes it a favorite amongst doom rockers. When asking Mr. Bird about the influences behind this pedal, he said it takes inspiration fr om the old Russian Big Muffs, but has quite a few tweaks in the circuit that transformed it beyond that. While sonically it is very similar, there are a few critical changes Mr. Bird made to take on the old Sovtek circuit and make it his own, namely in the lower and higher extreme sides of the spectrum. BRIGHTER DAYS I can’t read a schematic, and my knowledge of circuits and what they do is