Tone Report Weekly Issue 144 - Page 54

STEP 5: There’s a small metal tab on the side of your pot. Clip it off with pliers, then mount the pot into the enclosure. Mount the board to the back of the pot with something such as double-sided foam mounting tape or poster tack. Feed the other lead from the resistor connected to the LED into BOTH positive lugs on the DC jack, then feed the 9v wire from the board into either of the two lugs, and solder them both. STEP 6: Now, it’s an issue of hooking up wires. Connect the wires from the board to their appropriate spots: two to the footswitch (input and output) and one to the unsoldered sleeve lug (ground). STEP 7: Cut and strip two final wires, connecting from the input and output jack tip lugs to their spots on the footswitch. Solder everything. STEP 8: If you’ve followed the directions properly, with a little luck, the thing should fire up! Congratulations, you just built your first pedal! Although the circuit is extremely rudimentary, you’ll note it sounds excellent. However, if it isn’t to your liking, feel free to pull the socketed parts out and experiment with them! The world is your oyster! 54 DIY // My First DIY: We’re Building a Bazz Fuss!