Tone Report Weekly Issue 144 - Page 53

STEP 2: Make a little loop on one leg of the resistor and slide it over the positive (longer) leg of the LED, then solder that together and clip off the excess. Leave the other leg free. Use the saved lead from Step 1 of the board instructions, and thread it through the switch lugs as shown. Solder the top one, leaving the bottom unsoldered. Feed the LED’s negative leg through the shown footswitch lug. If you need to use a wire, loop it like the resistor. STEP 3: We will begin the grounding now. Having all your ground points connected is called a “star ground,” the most efficient form of grounding. We will wire the footswitch, DC jack, both input and output jack sleeve lugs and the circuit board together. First, wire the footswitch lugs as shown and connect it to the negative lug on the DC jack. DO NOT solder the DC jack. STEP 4: Connect a wire from the DC jack to the sleeve lug on one of the jacks, then solder the negative DC lug. Then, connect a wire from that sleeve lug to the other, soldering the first sleeve lug. Leave the second sleeve lug unsoldered; we will feed the ground wire from the circuit board into it. A-ha! Is it coming together yet? 53