Tone Report Weekly Issue 144 - Page 52

LET’S TALK ABOUT A COUPLE OF THESE COMPONENTS. Your LED has two legs. They don’t tell you this, but the shorter of the two legs is the negative leg. This will be important to remember. The resistor in the materials list will attach to the positive leg, while the negative leg will be wired to the switch (which will be connected to ground). The input and output jacks will have two lugs. The one that protrudes outward closest to the insertion point is the “tip lug” and the other is the “sleeve lug,” which is a ground point. The DC jack’s three lugs consist of two positive and one negative. The two lugs facing the same direction are both positive, while the odd man out, so to speak, is negative. I tend to wire the two positives together in some way, and I’ll be instructing you to do so. The footswitch wiring is where many people give up when building pedals; it looks much more complicated than it is. We’ll make it through, trust me! READY? LET’S GO! STEP 1: Mount the footswitch, DC jack, input and output jacks and LED in bezel. I place my input and output jacks like so because you will need to wire the jacks to the switch and this minimizes the wire distance. 52 DIY // My First DIY: We’re Building a Bazz Fuss!