Tone Report Weekly Issue 144 - Page 51

STEP 5: Note that the board has six wires that lead from it: Ground, 9v, Volume 1, Volume 2 (as noted below, the pot is part of the circuit), Volume 3 and Input. Clip and strip these wires, leaving extra room. Insert these into the appropriate spots on the board, soldering the ones that lead to the pot. Double check the order of wires and make sure they lead to the right lugs on the pot. Leave the other wires soldered to nothing, including the wire from volume 2. You’re done with the board, and now we must build the enclosure! First, make sure that your soldering doesn’t bleed across the copper strips and touch other strips. Also, make sure that the cut you made on the bottom of the board has no stray bits of copper connecting it to anything else. FOR THE ENCLOSURE, YOU’LL NEED: • 1x enclosure drilled for one knob, in and out jacks, one switch, one power jack and one LED (I used 1590B size, you can use anything you want that’s bigger. Since this may be your first build, you may want to stay away from 1590A [mini pedal size] and it just won’t fit in a 1590LB [tap tempo] size.) • 1x 3PDT (nine lugs) footswitch (NOT momentary, get the one that says “latching”) • 2x ¼” mono jacks • 1x LED • 1x LED bezel (the LED holder, and make sure it’s the same size as your LED) • 1x resistor between 1.5 and 15k (the bigger the number, the dimmer the LED will be) • 1x DC jack (the kind with three lugs) • 1x knob of your choosing 51